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Furikake seasoning with ume plum - Mishima Foods - 12G

Marque : Mishima Foods


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A mixture containing dried salty plums, mainly used to season rice, noodles or vegetables.

It has a tangy, salty and slightly sweet taste and a slightly crunchy texture.

It can be used as a seasoning for rice, noodles, vegetables and even salads. Its tangy and salty flavor is particularly appreciated with rice -based dishes.
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Sprinkle your poke bowl
Add some of this furikake to a salad

Salted plum dried umeboshi 90% (plum (china), salt, red shiso leaf), sugar, dextrose, taste enhancer E621, acidifiers (E296, E270), sodium bicarbonate, anthocyanic pigment, e170 coloring

Keep out of light, in a dry and temperate place.

For 2G (1 dose for 1 bowl of rice)
Energy: 3kcal
Proteins: 0.1g
Lipids: 0.01g
Carbohydrates: 0.7g
Salt 1.1g

Furikake is eaten classically with a bowl of white rice or onigiri

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