Online And in the heart of 40 rue du Louvre, the grocery store is full of products imported from Japan. Ideal for connoisseurs who are looking for sharp references, it also offers great discoveries to amateurs. Tastings and an unfollable team on products make it possible to demystify Japanese cuisine, to make it simple and attractive. The names of the products are written in Japanese and French to address as many people as possible, while many explanations, clear and educational, as well as pictograms, offer the opportunity to learn more. QR codes, affixed to labels, redirect to recipes and content. 

An eclectic and expert selection

Over 1000 products

After two years spent to unkind and tastefully tasting many Japanese dishes, a dedicated team composed a selection of more than 1000 products, imported by Irasshai and of which three quarters are sold in France for the first time. In addition to finding Japan's best, also discover the excellence of Japanese products designed in France. The result is a sharp selection, while being thought of for the curious and beginners. The products sold at the grocery store are the same as those used in the kitchens of the various restaurants in Irasshai.

At Irasshai, all the facets of Japanese food are represented: renowned craft products such as the Dashi bouillons of the Kayanoya house or the ippodo teas - both sold for the first time in France - rub shoulders with snacks, cakes, kawaii candies , instant ramen, sodas ... From the cuisine of students to that of large families, including gourmets esthetes, it is an authentic Japanese culinary culture which is celebrated with Irasshai.

A wide selection of Japanese spirits allows you to afford the specialties that have become essential such as sakes, whiskeys and gins. We also discover real nuggets, unknown here but iconic in Japan, such as Soft Shochu potato alcohol, or Umeshu and Yuzushu for plum and yuzu lovers. 


40 rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris

Metro: Louvre - Rivoli, Les Halles

Tel: 01 84 74 35 30

Open 7/7 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.