Irasshai is the dream project of two Japan enthusiasts

Thierry Maincent & Xavier Marchand. Their objective through this place? Allow Japanese cooking enthusiasts to exceed the tongue barrier to get their hands dough thanks to explanations and advice affixed to the labels of the products. They also wanted to find in the heart of Paris Japan welcoming, contemporary and relaxed that they have loved for years!

Irasshai - which means "welcome" in Japanese - is made up of several spaces to satisfy all desires. On the menu ? THE GROCERY STORE, The Shokudo · The canteenThe Biwan · The tableKissaten · Coffeethe sakaba · the bartake -out sale And the studio. Located opposite the Trade of Commerce and on more than 800 square meters, 40 rue du Louvre is a place of life open every day from 10 a.m. to 24 hours.

In the kitchen? The chief Mitsunori Kozen at Biwan · The table and chef Yasuhiro Hamasaki at Shokudo · The canteen

Co-founder and president

Thierry Maincent 

Great traveler and passionate about Japan for decades now, Thierry Maincent has first got in the kitchen at the Cordon Bleu de Tokyo school and at a specialized distributor of great wines, before taking the lead of the Japan Experience Shoppingist , of which he is today the president. With Xavier Marchand, he imagines Irasshai, a modern and welcoming place to find in Paris the Japan which he cherishes.

His favorite Japanese ingredient: Amazake

His favorite Japanese recipe: Sukiyaki


Co-founder and DG

Xavier Merchant

After spending six years in Japan for his studies in Tokyo and then his first professional experiences, Xavier wanted to regain Japanese good taste in Paris. With his Japanese wife, they first opened two restaurants in Paris. In parallel with the kitchen, it was towards the trip that he turned by integrating the Japan Experience team. The culmination of his passion for Japan was born in 2023 with Irasshai, of which he is the co-founder and managing director.

His favorite Japanese ingredient : The Yuzu Kosho

His favorite Japanese recipe: The shabu shabu

Our different spaces at 40 rue du Louvre:

The chief of the shokudo:

Yasuhiro Hamasaki

After joining the ranks of the prestigious Tsuji Culinary Institute, he developed his talent in traditional restaurants in Japan, where he is from. After several years in large houses such as Plaza Athénée or Tailor, he returned to Japanese cuisine which he particularly likes and who rocked his childhood. He thus becomes executive leader with Jinchan Shokudo, before taking the lead of the brigade of Shokudo at Irasshai. He offers family but precise, traditional and comforting cooking.

His favorite Japanese ingredient: a good shoyu

His favorite recipe:  The Udon

The chief of the Biwan:

Mitsunori Kozen

With more than 35 years in the kitchen, chef Mitsunori Kozen, noticed at the head of renowned Japanese restaurant kitchens such as Cocoro in London and Kura in Paris, makes us discover his talent and his art of traditional Japanese cuisine at Irasshai. Born in Japan, Mitsunori Kozen learned to cook with his parents, who held a traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant in Wakayama.

At Biwan, the chef offers authentic and precise cuisine, in the purest tradition of Washoku. This culinary specialty highlights the use of fresh and seasonal products, as well as preparation techniques that respect the nature of food. Washoku is characterized by a variety of balanced dishes, often combining soft, salty, bitter and acid flavors.

His favorite ingredient: The Kinzanji Miso

His favorite dish: Unadon

Since then, the Irasshai purchasing center; today made up of 4 people; Works daily to integrate new products into the offer. This can be done in different ways: listening to customer suggestions, going to Japan to identify (and above all to taste) popular new features ... If the product corresponds to certain criteria (quality, price, taste, relevance ... ), it is integrated into the Irasshai catalog! In any case, nothing is found on the shelves without having first been tasted by the Purchasing team! 

If one of your favorite Japanese ingredients is not yet in the catalog, do not hesitate to write us a word at the email address The suggestions of our customers are more than welcome and the Pôle Acouments will study your request with great attention!