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To accompany you in your various Japanese preparations such as tempuras, pork tonkatsu, mochis and many others, discover our selection of flours and salty and sweet preparations. 

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  • Preparation for pancakes with rice and soy flours - mitake food industry - 200g

    Ideal for people with gluten intolerance or seeking to reduce their sugar consumption. This preparation for pancakes is made from hokkaido soy flour and superior quality...

    Usual price 4.95 €
    Promotional price 4.95 € Usual price
    Unit price 24.75 €  by  kg

  • Panko premium - hanayuki - 340g breadcrumbs

    This high quality Japanese breadcrumbs is made from fresh white bread. The light and crisp texture of Panko is obtained thanks to its production method which...

    Usual price 5.50 €
    Promotional price 5.50 € Usual price
    Unit price 16.18 €  by  kg

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  • Panko breadcrumbs - kazetohikari - 100g

    Japanese breadcrumbs of superior quality baked rather than fried, which makes it a healthier option for the breading of food.Its unique texture adheres well to food...

    Usual price 5.40 €
    Promotional price 5.40 € Usual price
    Unit price 54.00 €  by  kg

  • Panko -free ray breadcrumbs - rice alba - 90g

    These grilled and dried rice flakes, used as breadcrumbs in Japanese cuisine brings crisp and lightness to meat, fish and breaded vegetables. They have a light...

    Usual price 4.85 €
    Promotional price 4.85 € Usual price
    Unit price 53.89 €  by  kg

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  • Kinako premium soy powder - kota shoten - 250g

    A special flour used to prepare the Dango. It is made from finely ground sticky rice to obtain a soft and light texture.It is easy to...

    Usual price 4.20 €
    Promotional price 4.20 € Usual price
    Unit price 16.80 €  by  kg

  • Flour for okonomiyaki - tanaka bussan - 250g

    Special flour made in Osaka and used to prepare Okonomiyaki, to give your preparations a soft texture and a rich and delicious flavor.Easy to use, it...

    Usual price 3.70 €
    Promotional price 3.70 € Usual price
    Unit price 14.80 €  by  kg

  • Preparation for barley flour pancakes - maeda - 400g

    This superior quality flour is produced from carefully selected barley and ground in a thin powder.It is a healthier alternative to classic wheat flour, because it...

    Usual price 4.60 €
    Promotional price 4.60 € Usual price
    Unit price 11.50 €  by  kg

  • Déshydrated daikon radish rings - kota shoten - 150g

    Used in many dishes, this gluten -free soy flour is naturally rich in fiber and vegetable proteins.It is slightly sweet, of a pale yellow color with...

    Usual price 2.65 €
    Promotional price 2.65 € Usual price
    Unit price 17.67 €  by  kg

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  • Matcha syrup - choshiya - 200g

    Matcha syrup is a delicious sweet syrup with a subtle flavor of matcha tea. Made from high quality matcha tea and cane sugar, it can be...

    Usual price 13.30 €
    Promotional price 13.30 € Usual price
    Unit price 66.50 €  by  kg

  • Preparation for warabi mochi - maeda - 100g

    The soft potato starch is a fine powder used to prepare the Mochi warabi, a gelatinous pastry traditionally made from fern starch, sugar and water.This sweet...

    Usual price 2.00 €
    Promotional price 2.00 € Usual price
    Unit price 13.33 €  by  kg

  • Preparation for full rice flour pancakes - namisato - 200g

    Ideal for lovers of pancakes concerned with their health. This mix produced from high quality brown rice is rich in fiber, protein and essential nutrients. It...

    Usual price 4.35 €
    Promotional price 4.35 € Usual price
    Unit price 21.75 €  by  l

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  • Muscovado black sugar syrup from okinawa- choshiya - 150g

    Brown sugar syrup is a natural sweetener made from pure brown sugar.Its texture is thick with the rich flavor and the depth of the molasses. Ideal...

    Usual price 4.35 €
    Promotional price 4.35 € Usual price
    Unit price 29.00 €  by  kg

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  • Kinako black soy powder - namisato - 100g

    Made from Hokkaido black soybean.This grilled soybean powder with a sweet and hazelnut taste with a more pronounced and complex taste than classic soy powder, and...

    Usual price 4.90 €
    Promotional price 4.90 € Usual price
    Unit price 49.00 €  by  kg

  • Flour for karaage frying - daisho - 80g

    Essential ingredient for making Karaage chicken. This flour is made from natural ingredients crushed in fine powder.It is ideal for making a crisp and golden breading,...

    Usual price 2.10 €
    Promotional price 2.10 € Usual price
    Unit price 26.25 €  by  kg

  • Flour for tempura - fuganeseifun - 500g

    Japanese tempura flour used to make the light and crisp dough of fried foods. It is made from a mixture of wheat flour, potato starch and...

    Usual price 6.35 €
    Promotional price 6.35 € Usual price
    Unit price 12.70 €  by  kg

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  • Flour for okonomiyaki and takoyaki - otafuku - 180g

    Complete preparation to easily and quickly make an Okonomiyaki, a Japanese culinary specialty. This preparation is made from natural ingredients and is suitable for people with...

    Usual price 3.45 €
    Promotional price 3.45 € Usual price
    Unit price 19.17 €  by  kg

  • Rice flour - namisato - 450g

    Pure, natural rice flour, and gluten -free.It is made from high quality white rice, which is finely ground to obtain a soft and light texture. It...

    Usual price 2.60 €
    Promotional price 2.60 € Usual price
    Unit price 5.78 €  by  kg

  • Potato starch - maruboshi - 400g

    A potato starch used in many Japanese dishes. It is made from carefully selected potatoes, which are peeled, washed and transformed into a thin powder. Often...

    Usual price 3.75 €
    Promotional price 3.75 € Usual price
    Unit price 9.38 €  by  kg

  • Preparation for shiratama - echigo shiratama honpo - 180g

    A rice flour traditionally used for the preparation of mochis and other Japanese desserts, made from superior quality rice, which is finely ground to obtain a...

    Usual price 4.85 €
    Promotional price 4.85 € Usual price
    Unit price 26.94 €  by  kg

  • Flour for karaage frying with soy sauce - daisho - 80g

    This flour is made from natural ingredients crushed in a fine powder.Perfect for giving a salty and umami touch to your karaage recipes while obtaining a...

    Usual price 2.10 €
    Promotional price 2.10 € Usual price
    Unit price 26.25 €  by  kg

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