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  • Nikka coffey malt whiskey 0.45% - 700ml

    The Nikka Coffey Malt comes from a unique manufacturing process in "Coffey" columns, which are usually used for the manufacture of grain whiskey. This 100% malted...

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  • Nikka coffey grain whiskey 0.45% - 700ml

    Developed from a majority of corn from the "Coffey" stills, this single grain offers us an overview of grain whiskeys in the particular style of the...

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    Promotional price 58.00 € Usual price
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  • Ki no bi dry gin 45.7% - 700ml

    Ki no bi, which means in Japanese "the beauty of the seasons", is inspired by tradition and is distilled, mixed and bottled in Kyoto. It is...

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  • Ki no tea gin 45.1% - 700ml

    Japanese gin unique of its kind, developed from a selection of aromatic plants from the Kyoto region, including Gyokuro green tea. It is a complex and...

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  • Saké dassai 23 junmai daiginjo 16% - 720ml

    This premium sake displays a percentage of grain remaining 23% so that there is almost only the noblest part of the grain and the richest in...

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  • Nikka black special whiskey 40% - 720ml

    This whiskey comes from the expertise and passion of Masataka Tatketsuru, founder of Nikka Whiskey and known as the father of Japanese whiskey.Nikka Black whiskey is...

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  • Nikka the tailored whiskey 43% - 700ml

    A precise and delicate assembly embodies all the know-how of the Nikka house. The bousing of barrels gives it smoked notes which perfectly come its fruity,...

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  • Suntory world whiskey 43% - 700ml

    This whiskey has been developed using a combination of different types of whiskeys around the world. First quality malt and grain whiskeys from Japan, Ireland, Scotland,...

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    Unit price 1,320.00 €  by  kg

  • Suntory royal whiskey 43% - 700ml

    This whiskey is the fruit of a meticulous manufacturing process and a complex assembly of different whiskeys.The Royal Suntory has a deep amber color that recalls...

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    Unit price 237.14 €  by  l

  • Benizakura 9148 n ° 0101 craft gin 45% - 700ml

    The Benizakura Craft Gin 9148 n ° 0101 is a premium craft gin made from 14 carefully selected ingredients, including juniper berries, orange and lemon peel,...

    Usual price 69.00 €
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  • Saké tokachi junmai daiginjo 16% - 720ml

    This sake is the result of a long low -temperature fermentation of a mixture of three local rice: Comet, Ginpu and Kitashizuku. All from Hokkaido, they...

    Usual price 68.00 €
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  • Suntory chita whiskey 43% - 700ml

    A whiskey single grain distilled with excellent and affordable corn with caramel notes, pear, honeysuckle, oak, maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon. It is perfect for being...

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  • Yamazaki distiller's reserve whiskey 43% - 700ml

    It is a classic entirely distilled in the Yamazaki distillery which is the first distillery created in Japan next to Kyoto in 1923. Quite sweet with...

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  • Yamazaki 12 years old whiskey 43% - 700ml

    A classic with notes of jasmine, cinnamon, candied orange, fishing, red apple and tropical fruit. It presents itself with a full -bodied sweetness to end on...

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  • Hakushu distiller's reserve whiskey 43% - 700ml

    Japanese whiskey star completely distilled in the Hakushu distillery in the mountains in the heart of the forest with a slightly peatless barley. He has notes...

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  • Hakushu 12 years old whiskey 43% - 700ml

    A renowned Japanese whiskey with notes of freshly cut grass, hazelnut, strawberry, carambole, dates, plums, dark oak and smoke. You can drink it pure or with...

    Usual price 240.00 €
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  • Hibiki whiskey 43% - 700ml

    Harmonious mixture of three famous Japanese whiskeys: Hakushu, Yamazaki and Chita. He has notes of hibiscus, rosemary, wood, honey, apricot and shell fruit. You can drink...

    Usual price 155.00 €
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    Unit price 221.43 €  by  l

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  • Saké fukukomachi junmai daiginjo 15.5% - 720ml

    Produced in a 400 -year -old brasserie in Akita, this sake is lively and has aromas of mango, papaya and candied ginger. A beautiful complexity, while...

    Usual price 65.00 €
    Promotional price 65.00 € Usual price
    Unit price 90.28 €  by  l

  • Buono kettle for v60 - hario

    Its fine swan neck beak allows precise control of the volume of water paid as well as the speed of water payment, which makes it, in...

    Usual price 60.00 €
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  • Kakomi rice cooker - kinto

    Its graduated interior indicates the right volume of water and rice to be put. Go in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

    Usual price 88.00 €
    Promotional price 88.00 € Usual price

  • Frying stove with removable handle l (24cm) - fujita kinzoku

    This pan can be used on gas, induction, but also in ovens or on grills. Its massive beech handle makes it an object that is both...

    Usual price 75.00 €
    Promotional price 75.00 € Usual price

  • Steam cooking in black ceramic from iga - nagatani seito

    Ceramics are cooked in a wooden oven for 3 days and 3 nights, which gives it conservation properties of heat or cold. Just put hot water...

    Usual price 230.00 €
    Promotional price 230.00 € Usual price

  • Iga black ceramic rice cooker with spoon - nagatani seito

    Made handcrafted in the prefecture of IGA, the earth used allows optimal cooking. Once cheeky, this rice cooker will last your whole life. Use on medium...

    Usual price 210.00 €
    Promotional price 210.00 € Usual price

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  • High gray enameled teapot ø 85mm - hazama porcelain

    Immerse yourself in the art of tea with the Enamai Sami sandstone teapot, a play that combines contemporary style and traditional crafts. The subtle gray shade,...

    Usual price 78.00 €
    Promotional price 78.00 € Usual price

  • Ichiro's malt & grain whiskey 0% - 700ml

    This blend is the fruit of a subtle assembly of Whiskies of Malt and Grain, reflecting all the mastery and know-how of its creator, Ichiro Akuto,...

    Usual price 78.00 €
    Promotional price 78.00 € Usual price

  • Nikka yoichi single malt whiskey box with 2 glasses 0.45% - 700ml

    A whiskey with peaty and iodized notes made on the coasts of Hokkaido. He presents elegant citrus notes in the mouth that is both lively and...

    Usual price 91.00 €
    Promotional price 91.00 € Usual price

  • Nikka miyagikyo single malt whiskey box with 2 glasses 0.45% - 700ml

    A whiskey made in the Miyagi valley, Tôhoku. Its floral aroma is supplemented by its elegant fruity notes reminiscent of fishing, almond and coffee.

    Usual price 91.00 €
    Promotional price 91.00 € Usual price

  • Nikka from the barl whiskey 0.51% - 700ml

    Characterized by great aromatic richness, its complexity and its power are the result of the assembly of several Whiskys.

    Usual price 49.00 €
    Promotional price 49.00 € Usual price

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