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Mirin and kitchen sake are two often associated rice alcohols because they are complementary and allow you to reach a very pleasant balance in dishes. The mirin softens meats and fish and avoids their decomposition during cooking. As for the kitchen sake, he enhanced the flavors of sauces, simmered dishes, seasonings and marinades. It also helps reduce frying odors. These two rice alcohols have slightly different characteristics. The kitchen sake is more alcoholic and salty than the Mirin, which is sweeter and sweetened. Often associated in Japanese recipes, they complement each other very well and their sweetness and succulentity make it possible to reach a very pleasant balance with soy sauce.

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  • Kitchen sake - king jozo - 400ml

    A soft sake made specially to be used in the kitchen, made from rice and pure water. Perfect for adding flavor to Japanese dishes such as...

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  • Honmirin premium - kokonoe mirin - 300ml

    A mirin manufactured according to a traditional method by mixing sticky rice with non-gluing rice, and fermenting them in water and alcohol for several months.It has...

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  • Mirin takara - takara shuzo - 500ml

    This traditional mirin made from sticky rice, water, alcohol and sugar, has a soft and rich taste, and a syrupy texture.It has a sweet and sweet...

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  • Saké 100% rice for the kitchen - king jozo - 900ml

    A high quality sake specially designed for the kitchen. It is made from Japanese rice and pure spring water.Its taste is soft and slightly sweet with...

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  • Saké 100% rice for premium kitchen - aooto shuzo - 500ml

    A premium kitchen sake specially designed to be used in traditional Japanese cuisine, adding a unique and delicate flavor to dishes.Its taste is soft and slightly...

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