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Citrus fruits occupy an essential place in Japanese cuisine. When fresh, they use their juice and zest. Out of season, they are confined, in the form of marmalade or powder. They bring great freshness and a subtle scent to broths, sauces and desserts.

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  • 100% japanese yuzu juice - farm bando - 150ml

    This juice is made from fresh Yuzus cultivated in Japan, cold pressed to preserve the natural flavor of the citrus. Its tangy and refreshing flavor is...

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  • Yuzu syrup - kagura no sato - 200ml

    Craft yuzu syrup made from fresh yuzu and organic cane sugar. Its tangy and soft flavor is ideal for drinks, including cocktails, teas and silts. It...

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  • Yuzu juice - yuzuya honten - 200ml

    A very popular product in the kitchen prepared from Yuzu cultivated in the Ashiya region in Japan. It is cold in a cold to preserve the...

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  • 100% japanese citrus juice sudachi - bando farm - 150ml

    This juice is made from Sudachi cultivated in Japan. The juice is in a hurry to preserve the natural flavor of the citrus and is packaged...

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  • Citrume sudachi juice - yuzuya honten - 200ml

    An artisanal product that brings a tangy and refreshing flavor to your dishes. Sudachi is a Japanese citrus that has a hint of bitterness that differentiates...

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