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Citrume Sudachi juice - Yuzuya Honten - 200ml

Marque : Yuzuya Honten


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An artisanal product that brings a tangy and refreshing flavor to your dishes. Sudachi is a Japanese citrus that has a hint of bitterness that differentiates it from yuzu.

Very versatile, it can be used in marinades, sauces, dressings and cocktails.
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A few drops on a fish, a meat, in a miso soup, even in your beer to give it a little acidity.
A few drops in your vinaigrette to give it pep.

Sudachi juice 100% (Tokushima, Japan)

Keep out of light, in a dry and temperate place. In the fridge after opening.

per 100g
Energy: 20kcal
Proteins: 0.5g
Lipids: 0.1g
Carbohydrates: 6.6g
Salt: 0g

Suspension particles are pieces of fruit. Shake gently before opening for better taste.

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