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UME has been a plum that is part of Japanese history and culture since Antiquity. This is one of the most consumed fruits in Japan, but never believed. It is mainly transformed into umeboshi, of the ume dipped in a brine then dried, which traditionally accompanies white rice. Its high content of organic acids and its richness in vitamins and minerals make ume a highly beneficial fruit for health.

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  • Furikake seasoning with ume plum and red shiso - mishima foods - 22g

    A mixture made from umeboshi plums, red shiso and other tasty ingredients. This furikake is used to season rice, noodles and other dishes.Its taste is slightly...

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  • Ume plum paste - house - 35g

    Often used to accompany sushi, onigiris and other Japanese dishes, the UME is a Japanese fruit resembling a plum, which is often preserved in vinegar and...

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    Unit price 94.29 €  by  kg

  • Marinated and savory plums - hamada - 140g

    White umeboshi are a variant of traditional umeboshi which are generally red. The plums are carefully selected and prepared before being dry in the sun to...

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    Unit price 65.00 €  by  kg

  • Plum pickles at shiso - mitsuokuya - 105g

    Basic ingredient in Japanese cuisine, Umeboshi plums are macerated in salt for several months, then associated with shiso leaves to create a unique mix of flavors.The...

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    Unit price 85.24 €  by  kg

  • Furikake seasoning with ume plum - mishima foods - 12g

    A mixture containing dried salty plums, mainly used to season rice, noodles or vegetables.It has a tangy, salty and slightly sweet taste and a slightly crunchy...

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    Unit price 291.67 €  by  kg

  • Ume plum concentrate - kinjirushi wasabi - 250g

    Japanese condiment based on savory Japanese plums, also known as Umeboshi. The UME in tube is ideal for adding a touch of tangy and salty flavor...

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    Unit price 37.20 €  by  kg

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  • Red plums marinated with shiso - uminosei - 120g

    Umeboshi in Shiso are a Japanese specialty which consists of salty and fermented plums, generally served as an accompaniment to rice. The Umeboshi are carefully selected...

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    Unit price 122.92 €  by  kg

  • Lyophilized umeboshi plums - maruso - 40g

    The plums used for this product are carefully selected and savory, then freeze -dried to create a unique crisp texture. Their soft and subtle taste is...

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    Unit price 245.00 €  by  kg

  • Ume plum syrup - hamada - 490ml

    A drink produced by pressing Japanese plums to extract the juice, which gives a thick and syrupy liquid to the acidic and sweet flavor. Its texture...

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