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Asahara Shuzo is a family brewery installed in the prefecture of Saïtama, in the heart of the hills which precede the mountains of fuss, northwest of Tokyo. It was founded in 1882 by Zenjiro Asahara when he was only 29 years old and it was today Kenichi Asahara, the representative of the 5th generation, who directs Fabrique. The locality of Saïtama is a relatively new terroir in the production of sake which does not enjoy the same reputation as certain more classic regions. A recent story that prompted Asahara Shuzo to innovate a lot to attract attention. Today it offers products with a strong character, carried by two very young toji in only thirty years. Dynamic brewers and especially trained directly by Kenichi Asahara, a master in the art of handling yeasts.

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  • Okumusahi no nigori anzushu apricot - asahara shuzo - 500ml

    This Nigori Anzushu is marked by the fruit, on sometimes surprising notes of apple and pear. Confituated, it gives the sweet feeling of tasting a nectar...

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  • Mikan liqueur - nigori mikanshu - asahara shuzo - 500ml

    It is made from Mikan, a little sweet and unachape Japanese mandarin. Its creamy texture makes it perfect as an aperitif or dessert.

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