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Mainly used in the broth dashi, THE kombu has a sweet and sweet flavor that brings a lot of umami to preparations. It is also tasted in thin strips in a cucumber salad, confit in sweet soy sauce or in place of the Nori algae which surrounds the maki.

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  • Dashi in shiitaké and kombu algae - muso - 40g

    An easy -to -prepare Umami powder broth, made from dried shiitake mushrooms and Kombu seaweed. It is an excellent substitute for fish broths for vegetarian and...

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  • Dashi broth at kombu 5 sachets - kayanoya - 30g

    A traditional broth based on Kombu algae, without ingredients of animal origin, perfect for people following a vegetarian or vegan diet.Its umami taste is rich and...

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  • Kombu salée - segawa - 28g algae

    This variety of kombu is cultivated by Tanaka Bussan in the clear and cold waters of the Hokkaido Sea, north of Japan. It is then cut...

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  • Salt kombu algae with plum ume - segawa - 26g

    Kombu algae dried and salted then mixed with umeboshi plums to create a unique and delicious taste.Umeboshi plums add an acid and salty touch that goes...

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  • Kombu algae leaves for dashi - okui kaiseido - 30g

    This edible algae is cultivated in the clear waters of the Sanriku region, in Japan, where it is renowned for its rich and deep Umami flavor.The...

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  • Soy sauce infused with kombu algae - fuji shokuhin - 200ml

    Soy sauce made from soybean, Kombu algae, wheat, water and salt, slowly fermented in cypress wood barrels to create a rich and deep flavor. This soy...

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  • Kombu algae leaves for salad - okui kaiseido - 5g

    Kombu algae in grandests, perfect for making salads. The tender kombu is considered a choice of choice in Japanese gastronomy and is very appreciated for its...

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    Unit price 346.67 €  by  kg

  • Kombu algae in strips - okui kaiseido - 30g

    Hidaka Kombu algae strips have a delicate Umami flavor and are rich in healthy nutrients.They are easy to use and are perfect for a variety of...

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    Unit price 180.00 €  by  kg

  • Kombu algae leaves vinegar - okui kaiseido - 20g

    Kombu cut into thin strips and prepared with vinegar, offering a tender texture and a tangy flavor.Kombu is a brown algae rich in minerals, iodine, calcium...

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    Unit price 270.00 €  by  kg

  • Kombu algae dried in strips - takahashi food industry - 25g

    This Kombu alga is rich in Umami, making it an excellent taste of taste for soups, broths and simmered dishes. It is prepared according to traditional...

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    Unit price 364.00 €  by  kg

  • Kombu algae infusion in bulk - fuji shokuhin - 60g

    Made with Kombu algae harvested south of Hokkaido, this infusion can be used in a wide variety of dishes. It will make an excellent broth base...

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    Unit price 55.00 €  by  kg

  • Dashi broth at kombu 24 sachets - kayanoya - 144g

    A traditional Konbu algae -based broth, without ingredients of animal origin, offering an additional option for people following a vegan diet.His taste for Konbu has a...

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    Unit price 247.57 €  by  kg

  • Kombu knotted seaweed - okui kaiseido - 10g

    The Kombu vinegared knotted (Makonbu) is a superior quality craft product by Okui Kaiseido, a renowned Japanese producer. Kombu is a edible algae rich in nutrients....

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  • Kombu algae confit - edge to edge - 100g

    The Tsukudani of Konbu on board is a traditional Japanese culinary preparation, based on superior quality kombu algae, hand -harvested in Brittany and prepared with care,...

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  • Mix for rice with kombu - okui kaiseido - 230g

    A mixture of ingredients to prepare rice like a Takakikomi Gohan, a popular dish based on cooked rice with vegetables, aromatic ingredients, seasoned with dashi.This mixture...

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  • Kombu algae leaves vinegar for papillote - okui kaiseido - 50g

    These vinegar kombu leaves can be used to add a touch of Umami flavor to a wide variety of dishes such as soups, stews and rice...

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