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  • Black and red miso mixture - maruya hatcho miso - 450g

    A mixture of pure soy miso mixed with rice miso, aged for two years in 100 -year -old Japanese cedar barrels, according to a traditional technique...

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  • Miso de pure soy - maruya hatcho miso - 300g

    An miso without additive and gluten -free, made with only soybeans and salt, as in the 14th century. The ingredients are evolving in 100 year old...

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  • Miso hacchô powder - maruya hatcho miso - 50g

    This miso powder adds a rich and umami flavor to your favorite dishes. Made from locally cultivated soybeans for more than 300 years in the Aichi...

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    Promotional price 7.60 € Usual price
    Unit price 152.00 €  by  kg