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The term "MOCHI" designates the gluing rice paste which is used to make Daifuku, these small balls filled with anko dough, in matcha, with black sesame ... We also taste it in salty preparations, especially in the ' Ozoni, the New Year's soup that celebrates entry into the new year.

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  • Mochi round to cook - taimatsu foods corporation - 360g

    Round mochis made by crushing gluing rice in two steps with a specific pestle, then cooling the dough, which allows a delicate and tasteful texture to...

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    Unit price 20.83 €  by  kg

  • Puffed rice balls - fuji shokuhin - 55g

    Ideal for adding texture, colors and taste to your preparations, these slightly salted blown rice balls can also be eaten as what.You can incorporate them into...

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    Unit price 56.36 €  by  kg

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  • Full rice mochi with black soybeans - ohsawa - 300g

    These hochis, jas certified, are made by crushing full rice using a pestle, then integrating sagebrush powder with the paste obtained. This production method is inspired...

    Usual price 8.30 €
    Promotional price 8.30 € Usual price
    Unit price 27.67 €  by  kg

  • Complete rice mochi with a sagebrush - ohsawa - 300g

    These mochis are produced under the JAS label by grinding full rice with a pestle and then mixing the dough obtained with sagebrush powder. This manufacturing...

    Usual price 7.80 €
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    Unit price 26.00 €  by  kg

  • Mochi round to cook premium - taimatsu foods corporation - 300g

    This cake is 100% made with sticky kogane rice, renowned rice which is cultivated near the city of Uonuma, in the Niigata region. It can be...

    Usual price 8.90 €
    Promotional price 8.90 € Usual price
    Unit price 29.67 €  by  kg

  • Preparation for powder fermentation - tsukemoto - 100g

    Made from fermented rice and salt, this authentic and tasty product has been used in Japanese cuisine for centuries to enhance the flavor of the dishes...

    Usual price 5.60 €
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    Unit price 56.00 €  by  kg

  • Mochi fine to cook - taimatsu foods corporation - 300g

    These rectangular mochis are thinner than traditional mochis, which allows faster cooking.The Japanese eat them in different ways: alone, in a broth, with soy sauce, grilled,...

    Usual price 6.90 €
    Promotional price 6.90 € Usual price
    Unit price 23.00 €  by  kg

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  • Mochi of barley to cook - maeda - 250g

    These mochis are made from a mixture of sticky rice and glutinous barley of the variety 'Kirarimochi'. This variety is appreciated in Japan for its exceptional...

    Usual price 6.90 €
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    Unit price 27.60 €  by  kg

  • Black rice mixture and red beans for rice - maeda - 90g

    Made with Hokkaido Azuki beans and Kyushu black rice, this mixture is ideal for adding taste and colors to your rice. Just mix 1 sachet with...

    Usual price 4.60 €
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    Unit price 51.11 €  by  kg

  • Mixture of glutinous barley for rice - maeda - 240g

    A mixture of glutinous barley of the Kirarimochi variety, characterized by its much appreciated taste of the Japanese as well as its ability to brown when...

    Usual price 4.50 €
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    Unit price 18.75 €  by  kg

  • Rectangular cook mochi - taimatsu foods corporation - 500g

    These rectangular rice cakes are produced with sticky kogane rice harvested in the field of Muramatsu, in the city of Gosen, in the prefecture of Niigata....

    Usual price 11.90 €
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    Unit price 23.80 €  by  kg

  • Ferment for rice - kohsei foods - 300g

    Artisanal product which brings a unique flavor to your dishes. Made from fermented rice, Koji has been used for centuries in Japanese cuisine to improve food...

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    Unit price 20.33 €  by  kg

  • Konjac in grains - kanazawa konnyaku - 300g

    You can add the konjac in grains to your rice dish. Konjac is a plant that grows in Asian tropical forests. Its bulb is crushed to...

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    Unit price 38.33 €  by  kg