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Complete rice Milky Queen from Toyama - Nanohana - 1kg

Marque : Nanohana


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If Koshihikari is the king of rice, then Milky Queen is his queen!
This variant of Koshihikari has gained popularity thanks to its low amyloidus content, which makes it more soft than other rice. In addition, it has the particularity of keeping its texture once cold, which makes it an ideal rice for the preparation of onigiris, bentos, sushi or other dishes based on cold rice. The Japanese generally consume it mixed with white rice in a 1/3 ratio. It takes its name from its slightly milky appearance once cooked. His taste is close to Koshihikari.

It is harvested in the Toyama prefecture by Nanohana, a company specializing in rice production. Black rice is cultivated in the prefecture of Toyama which is renowned for the quality of its rice. The plains are irrigated by the melting of the snow of Mount Hida, also called "Northern Alps". With its fertile land rich in nutrients, the region is conducive to rice cultivation: it represents more than half of the national rice production.
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Delicious cold and hot, this rice is ideal for making onigiri, sushi or to accompany your dishes.

Full 100% rice (Toyama, Japan)

Keep out of light, in a dry and temperate place.

Per 100g
Energy: 346kcal
Proteins: 6.8g
Lipids: 2.7g
Carbohydrates: 74.3g
Salt: 0g

300g of rice for 2 to 4 people: wash the rice by hand 3 times in the water then rinse it until the water is transparent. Then put the rice in a saucepan, add 600ml of water and let stand 1 hour. Cover the pan and heat over medium heat until boiling. Lower the heat and cook for 15 minutes without removing the lid. Cut the heat and let stand for an additional 20 minutes, still with the lid. Gently mix the rice before tasting it

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Very good

A bowl of rice on breakfast with natto - like the Japanese it seems! ;)