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Furikake powdered seasoning with nori algae and wasabi - Urashima - 50g

Marque : Urashima


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Mixture of algae and wasabi which brings a spicy and intense taste to your preparations.

This seasoning is made up of dried nori seaweed leaves, sesame, sugar, salt, vinegar and wasabi.
It is perfect for sprinkling on rice, noodles or sautéed vegetables.
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Sprinkle your avocado toast
Add some of this furikake to a salad

White sesame, black sesame, wasabi pellet (salt, sugar, horseradish, matcha), nori, transformed starch, sugar, horseradish stem, fermented seasoning, aosa alga, soy sauce (soy, wheat), seasoning, aroma, wheat, wheat, soy

Keep out of light and humidity.

For 50g (1 jar)
Energy: 243kcal
Proteins: 10.5g
Lipids: 17.2g
Carbohydrates: 14.6g
SEL 5.4G

Furikake is eaten classically with a bowl of white rice or onigiri

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