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Genmaicha tea in bulk matcha - kamitsujien - 30g

Marque : Kamitsujien


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This genmaicha mixed with matcha - two very popular teas in Japan - is produced under the JAS (organic) label in UJI near Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese green tea. Genmaicha is developed by mixing green tea with blown rice grains, which gives it a sweet taste accompanied by notes of hazelnuts. Its origins date back to Japanese popular circles, where tea, rare and precious, was cut with rice to extend its use. On the other hand, matcha is a green tea powder characterized by a slightly sweet Umami taste. Traditionally prepared by whisking it with water using a special whip, Matcha brings the whole of Genmaicha a touch of bitterness and umami, thus balancing the flavors in a harmonious way.
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Infuse 1 sachet in 100 ml of boiling water for 1 min, for a hot and comforting tea. Or make a refreshing icy tea by infusing it in cold water for 5 min.

Green tea (Kyoto, Japan), full rice (Japan), Matcha (Kyoto, Japan)

Keep out of light, in a dry and temperate place.


Infuse 1 sachet in 100ml of boiling water for 1min or cold water for 5 minutes.

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I had been looking for this tea for a long time and it is delicious. I will recommend it