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Matcha tea in powder - aoi seicha - 30g

Marque : Aoi Seicha


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Made from higher quality tea leaves, organic cultivated in the tea fields in the UJI region, in Japan.

Its taste is herbaceous and slightly bitter. Its texture is fine and smooth. When prepared in a traditional way, its foam is light and creamy.

It is perfect for preparing drinks, such as matcha tea, matcha latte or matcha smoothie, but also as ingredient in pastry and cooking to add a unique and healthy flavor to recipes.
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Matcha powder can be used to make tea but can also cook and pastry. --- Sift your Matcha for a better result. --- To add matcha to your cake or shortbread dough, count 1 cc per 100g of flour approximately.

100% green tea (Japan)

Keep out of light, in a dry and temperate place.


For a traditional matcha cup: 2G for 75ml of water at 70 ℃. Pour the water on your tea and stir vigorously with a "Chasen" matcha whisk. When foam is formed on the surface, you can taste.

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