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Very creamy and less salty than the average, the white miso is used in savory and sweet preparations. Its light color comes from its short fermentation, which sometimes lasts only two weeks.

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  • Hakone white miso - kato heitaro shoten - 200g

    Soft and delicate on the palate, this miso will marry perfectly with a large number of foods. It is handmade in the city of Odawara, in...

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  • Miso blanc at koji de hakone - kato heitaro shoten - 200g

    The addition of Koji brings to this miso a soft and sweet taste particularly appreciated by children. It is handmade in the city of Odawara, in...

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    Unit price 27.50 €  by  kg

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  • Sweet white miso - masuya miso - 300g

    This sweet white miso is produced under the JAS label (organic) and is distinguished from other miso by its unique sweet taste and its creamy texture,...

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    Unit price 26.00 €  by  kg

  • Miso white semi -two of shinano - yamataka - 750g

    A white miso made according to a traditional method in a brewery located at the foot of Mont Yatsugatake, in the prefecture of Nagano. Its low...

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    Unit price 16.00 €  by  kg

  • Miso blanc of shinshu - marutakakura - 300g

    This white miso is made from locally cultivated rice in the Shinshū mountains, in the Nagano prefecture. This very fragrant miso is not very sweet and...

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    Unit price 29.83 €  by  kg

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  • Sweet white miso - kono vinegar miso manufacturing factory - 400g

    This miso is made one winter, depending on the Tennen Shôjô method, that is to say without adding enzyme or artificial additives, with soybeans, local rice...

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    Unit price 24.00 €  by  kg

  • White miso with natural brewing - yamataka - 750g

    Made from soybean seeds and local Koshihikari rice in Yatsugatake, near the prefecture of Nagano, this kôji of rice (whose content is 10%) brings to this...

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    Unit price 22.00 €  by  kg

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  • White and hakone red miso mixture - kato heitaro shoten - 200g

    Created by the producer at the request of his customers, this miso is a mixture of white Miso, with a soft and slightly sweet taste and...

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  • Miso long hakone fermentation - kato heitaro shoten - 200g

    Its long fermentation gives it rich and powerful aromas, as well as a beautiful brown color. It is handmade in the city of Odawara, in the...

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