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ASAHI Super Dry Beer 5% - 500ml

Marque : Asahi


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A beer with a unique taste "Karakuchi" (Japanese term which expresses the complexity of dry, fresh taste and inspired by sake). "The" super premium Japanese beer. Brewed since 1987, Asahi Super Dry represents the culmination of an effort aimed at satisfying consumer preferences, establishing a new standard in the world of beer.

Asahi Super Dry has become the first "DRY" beer in history. Its dry and refreshing taste actually in particular the ideal drink to accompany all types of food.
Asahi Super Dry is the result of a mixture of Japanese art and a rigorous selection of ingredients, which give it its unique characteristic taste.
• Exclusive yeasts improve fermentation
• The use of rice gives it a delicate taste that cleanses the palate after each sip.
• Higher quality hop gives this beer its touch of bitterness never persistent.

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Barley, hop, rice, corn, starch barley

Keep out of light, in a dry and temperate place.

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