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Miso Blanc at Koji de Hakone - Kato Heitaro Shoten - 200g

Marque : Kato Heitaro shoten


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The addition of Koji brings to this miso a soft and sweet taste particularly appreciated by children. It is handmade in the city of Odawara, in the Kanagawa prefecture, from local ingredients and groundwater from the Hakone mountains. Miso is then aged in 90 -year -old wooden barrels. This manufacturing method has remained unchanged since Antiquity.

Rich in nutrients and probiotics, with a slightly sweet taste and a creamy texture that is easily incorporated into preparations, this miso is ideal for a Miso soup or a marinade.
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A slightly sweeter taste than classic white miso.

Soy (Japan), rice (Japan), salt, alcohol.soja

Keep cool and out of light. After opening, keeps in the refrigerator or freezer.

per 100g
Energy: 184kcal
Proteins: 9.7g
Lipids: 5.5g
Carbohydrates: 23.8g
Salt: 12.3g

Production emphasizes quality. While the majority of current miso production uses more advanced production techniques in order to gain profitability, Kato Haitaro Shoten is one of the last miso factories to have chosen to keep a manufacturing method faithful to the basic principles of Miso production. This is also the motto of the company: "the important thing is to be faithful to its principles". Handwork and bacteria present in cedar barrels give a texture and a unique taste to miso that we do not find anywhere else.

Customer Reviews

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It's very good in broth, very good in pasta, very good in marinade. What more can be said ?
Spread on salmon steaks before putting them in the oven it is 💯.

François Roux

Very easy to prepare. Excellent little soup with mushroom chives etc ... Subtile flavor disception.