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For Father's Day, discover the exclusive selection of Japanese products. Whether your father is a gourmet end, a lover of tea, or Japanese spirits, we must have something to spoil it!

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  • Matcha tea uji powder ceremony - yamamasa koyamaen - 30g

    This exceptional matcha is harvested and prepared according to craft methods in Uji, near Kyoto, a place renowned for the unequaled quality of his Matcha. With...

    Usual price 9.50 €
    Promotional price 9.50 € Usual price
    Unit price 316.67 €  by  kg

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  • Smoke soy sauce - suehiro soy sauce - 100ml

    This smoked soy sauce has been produced by a Japanese family business specializing in the production of soy sauces for over 160 years. Made from high...

    Usual price 9.35 €
    Promotional price 9.35 € Usual price
    Unit price 93.50 €  by  l

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  • Pimed sesame oil - iwai no goma abura - 55g

    A popular sauce in Japanese cuisine, prepared with sesame oil, garlic, red peppers and other spices. Very versatile, it can be used to add flavor and...

    Usual price 4.60 €
    Promotional price 4.60 € Usual price
    Unit price 75.41 €  by  l

  • Double fermentation soy sauce - kayanoya - 300ml

    This double maturation soy sauce is prepared from high quality soy beans, wheat and water, and aged twice as long as a classic sauce to obtain...

    Usual price 9.77 €
    Promotional price 9.77 € Usual price 13.95 €
    Unit price 32.57 €  by  l

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  • Katsuobushi dried bonite chips - makurazaki france katsuobushi - 100g

    It is an essential ingredient for Japanese cuisine, used to prepare the Dashi broth which serves as a basis for many dishes. Bonite shavings - a...

    Usual price 13.95 €
    Promotional price 13.95 € Usual price
    Unit price 139.50 €  by  kg

  • Smoke soy sauce - yugeta shoyu - 210ml

    This soy sauce is aged for more than a year and smoked slowly to give a unique flavor. It is made from soybeans and wheat seeds...

    Usual price 14.10 €
    Promotional price 14.10 € Usual price
    Unit price 67.14 €  by  l

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  • Shichimi mixes with 7 spices - tanaka bussan - 30g

    This ShichiMi is a mixture of seven spices, ideal for adding a spicy and complex flavor to a wide variety of dishes. Tanaka Bussan, a renowned...

    Usual price 1.65 €
    Promotional price 1.65 € Usual price
    Unit price 55.00 €  by  kg

  • Saké marc vinegar 3 years old - kono vinegar miso manufacturing factory - 275ml

    A matured red vinegar for 3 years. Made according to a traditional method by fermenting rice, barley, and molasses with water. It is known for its...

    Usual price 12.10 €
    Promotional price 12.10 € Usual price
    Unit price 44.00 €  by  l

  • Nihonshu shikomi no umeshu plum liqueur 10% - 720ml

    This superior quality plum liqueur (Umeshu) is developed with a sake base, giving this drink a refreshing taste as well as an intense and fruity flavor....

    Usual price 33.00 €
    Promotional price 33.00 € Usual price
    Unit price 45.83 €  by  l

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  • Dashi broth at kombu 24 sachets - kayanoya - 144g

    A traditional Konbu algae -based broth, without ingredients of animal origin, offering an additional option for people following a vegan diet.His taste for Konbu has a...

    Usual price 35.65 €
    Promotional price 35.65 € Usual price
    Unit price 247.57 €  by  kg

  • Red plums marinated at shiso yukari - uminosei - 120g

    Umeboshi in Shiso are a Japanese specialty which consists of salty and fermented plums, generally served as an accompaniment to rice. The Umeboshi are carefully selected...

    Usual price 14.75 €
    Promotional price 14.75 € Usual price
    Unit price 122.92 €  by  kg

  • Full tôgarashi pepper - taru no aji - 10g

    This whole dry pepper of Taru No Aji is ideal for adding a spicy and tasty touch to all your favorite dishes. Each package contains whole...

    Usual price 4.90 €
    Promotional price 4.90 € Usual price
    Unit price 490.00 €  by  kg

  • Uji sencha tea in bulk - yamamasa koyamaen - 100g

    The sencha is the favorite tea of ​​the Japanese! It is characterized by a fresh, light and floral taste which can be appreciated both hot and...

    Usual price 20.50 €
    Promotional price 20.50 € Usual price
    Unit price 205.00 €  by  kg

  • Ultra -facile japanese kitchen book - synchronic editions

    From Tim Anderson. Synchronic. 2018. Do you dream of fun, simple and fast Japanese dishes, but that remain delicious, and that you can cook regularly? Do...

    Usual price 29.90 €
    Promotional price 29.90 € Usual price

  • Pungent sauce for grills - yamato foods - 65ml

    Composed of balsamic vinegar - reproduced in Japan according to the Italian method - black pepper, purple garlic and chili, this sauce is perfect in a...

    Usual price 7.30 €
    Promotional price 7.30 € Usual price
    Unit price 112.31 €  by  l

  • Saké kiseki no osake junmai ginjo 15.5% - 300ml

    A smooth texture accompanied by an elegant aroma, both floral and fruity, with a sweetness which develops subtly and which ends clear.

    Usual price 14.60 €
    Promotional price 14.60 € Usual price
    Unit price 48.67 €  by  l

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  • Filmed dried red peppers - tanaka bussan - 15g

    Tanaka Bussan's entire dried red pepper is perfect for adding a spicy touch to your kitchen. Producer Tanaka Bussan is renowned for its dried red spice...

    Usual price 1.65 €
    Promotional price 1.65 € Usual price
    Unit price 110.00 €  by  kg

  • Dashi broth with vegetables 24 sachets - kayanoya - 192g

    A traditional Japanese vegetable broth, without ingredients of animal origin. The sachets contain a mixture of vegetables which give the broth a deep and complex Umami...

    Usual price 35.65 €
    Promotional price 35.65 € Usual price
    Unit price 185.68 €  by  kg

  • Dried red peppers in rings - tanaka bussan - 6g

    The red pepper dried in Tanaka Bussan rings is perfect for removing your favorite dishes. Tanaka Bussan is a renowned producer and its dried red spice...

    Usual price 1.65 €
    Promotional price 1.65 € Usual price
    Unit price 235.71 €  by  kg

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  • Fermented rice sound for marinade - kohsei foods - 170ml

    A fermented rice sound sauce, also known as Nuka, often used as a condiment for vegetables, meats or rice dishes.Its taste is salty and slightly tangy,...

    Usual price 8.40 €
    Promotional price 8.40 € Usual price
    Unit price 49.41 €  by  l

  • Saké awayuki sparkling junmai 0% - 300ml

    This weakly alcoholic sparkling sake is ideal during festive or aperitif evenings. Its soft profile and its intense fruity make it a pleasant and refreshing drink.Slightly...

    Usual price 11.00 €
    Promotional price 11.00 € Usual price
    Unit price 36.67 €  by  l

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  • Yuzushu seifuku liqueur de yuzu 10% - 720ml

    Made from Okinawa Yuzu, this Yuzushu is made up of Awamori - a traditional Japanese alcohol typical of the Okinawa region, made from fermented rice and...

    Usual price 29.00 €
    Promotional price 29.00 € Usual price
    Unit price 40.28 €  by  l

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  • Chasen whip for matcha in long handle bamboo - anatae

    This long bamboo whip offers the possibility of mixing matcha tea directly in a cup or glass, eliminating the need to use a bowl. This particular...

    Usual price 26.00 €
    Promotional price 26.00 € Usual price

  • Saké dassai 45 junmai daiginjo 16% - 720ml

    "There is no reason for us to develop a sake if it is not really delicious", this is Dassai's vision! It is here using 45% polished...

    Usual price 36.00 €
    Promotional price 36.00 € Usual price
    Unit price 50.00 €  by  l

  • Book japan the cooking book - phaidon

    Nancy singleton chopped. Phaidon. 2018. A collection of accessible and tasty recipes, from one of the most popular gastronomies in the world.The emblematic dishes of Japan...

    Usual price 49.95 €
    Promotional price 49.95 € Usual price

  • Ichi awamori umeshu liqueur 13% - 375ml

    Liqueur de plums (umeshu) refreshing beautiful pale pink color, made with bright red ripe plums, Awamori and crystal sugar.

    Usual price 26.00 €
    Promotional price 26.00 € Usual price
    Unit price 69.33 €  by  l

  • Saké tengori junmai 15.5% - 720ml

    A net Honjozo, soft and pleasantly delicate, which has aromas of mushroom and toast in butter. The last note is slightly peppery and acidic.

    Usual price 33.00 €
    Promotional price 33.00 € Usual price
    Unit price 45.83 €  by  l

  • Paper filters for v60 (60 units) - kinto

    Made from cotton and wood pulp, it filters coffee, giving it the characteristic taste and texture of the V60.

    Usual price 5.50 €
    Promotional price 5.50 € Usual price

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