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Discover our selection of Japanese syrups, carefully developed from superior quality ingredients. They are perfect for decorating your cocktails, hot drinks, desserts or even your cooked dishes.

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  • Matcha syrup - choshiya - 200g

    Matcha syrup is a delicious sweet syrup with a subtle flavor of matcha tea. Made from high quality matcha tea and cane sugar, it can be...

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    Unit price 66.50 €  by  kg

  • Shiso syrup - kozagawa yuzu hirai no sato - 300ml

    Its taste is sweet and slightly tangy, with herbaceous notes from shiso leaves. It is perfectly suited for cocktails.

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    Unit price 48.17 €  by  l

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  • Muscovado black sugar syrup from okinawa- choshiya - 150g

    Brown sugar syrup is a natural sweetener made from pure brown sugar.Its texture is thick with the rich flavor and the depth of the molasses. Ideal...

    Usual price 4.35 €
    Promotional price 4.35 € Usual price
    Unit price 29.00 €  by  kg

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  • Yuzu syrup - kagura no sato - 200ml

    Craft yuzu syrup made from fresh yuzu and organic cane sugar. Its tangy and soft flavor is ideal for drinks, including cocktails, teas and silts. It...

    Usual price 8.40 €
    Promotional price 8.40 € Usual price
    Unit price 42.00 €  by  l

  • Kinako syrup - choshiya - 200g

    Kinako syrup is a sweet syrup made from toasted soy powder. Ideal for sweetening all kinds of drinks, such as hot or cold milk, latte, smoothies...

    Usual price 8.55 €
    Promotional price 8.55 € Usual price
    Unit price 42.75 €  by  kg

  • Okinawa muscovado black sugar syrup - choshiya - 250g

    Okinawa black sugar syrup is a natural sweetener made from Pure Black Cane Sugar from Okinawa.With an intense flavor rich in molasses, as well as caramel...

    Usual price 9.95 €
    Promotional price 9.95 € Usual price
    Unit price 39.80 €  by  kg

  • Ume plum syrup - hamada - 490ml

    A drink produced by pressing Japanese plums to extract the juice, which gives a thick and syrupy liquid to the acidic and sweet flavor. Its texture...

    Usual price 17.95 €
    Promotional price 17.95 € Usual price
    Unit price 36.63 €  by  l