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Red Miso is the most used variety in Japan. He is twice as salted as white miso. It will serve you both for your bubbles and your fish marinades, meats and vegetables. The longer the length of fermentation of a miso, the more dark its color and its intense taste: this is the case with black miso. Composed only of soy, its texture is thick and its taste pronounced.

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  • Hakone red miso - kato heitaro shoten - 200g

    This miso is refined for several months in 90 -year -old wooden barrels, which gives it its brown color and its characteristic taste, specific to red...

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    Unit price 27.00 €  by  kg

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  • Miso rouge d'orge - marukawa miso - 345g

    This miso is brewed according to the Tenen Jôzô technique, that is to say without adding enzyme or additives for more than a year. The end...

    Usual price 10.30 €
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    Unit price 29.86 €  by  kg

  • Black and red miso mixture - maruya hatcho miso - 450g

    A mixture of pure soy miso mixed with rice miso, aged for two years in 100 -year -old Japanese cedar barrels, according to a traditional technique...

    Usual price 8.00 €
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    Unit price 16.00 €  by  kg

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  • Akita red miso - asarisasuke shoten - 500g

    This miso is made from soybeans and Akita-Komachi rice. These two ingredients share the fact of being cultivated in the Akita region, north of Japan and...

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    Unit price 23.00 €  by  kg

  • Traditional red miso - sukyu shoten - 500g

    An miso produced in an artisanal way using a slow maturation technique with soybean of the Ryûhô variety. Its light texture makes it ideal for making...

    Usual price 12.80 €
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    Unit price 25.60 €  by  kg

  • Miso de pure soy - maruya hatcho miso - 300g

    An miso without additive and gluten -free, made with only soybeans and salt, as in the 14th century. The ingredients are evolving in 100 year old...

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    Unit price 28.67 €  by  kg

  • Red miso of shinshu - yamataka - 750g

    This product is made by mixing three different miso according to a traditional method in a nagano brasserie, located at the foot of Mont Yatsugataka.The mixture...

    Usual price 12.00 €
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    Unit price 16.00 €  by  kg